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Jester Styles
Jester Styles

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PostSubject: FAIR GAME/ENEMIES   Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:45 pm

This thread will include TAGGED members in MW that you are allowed to hit/hit-back/list without consequence.

Tagged members which are listed in this thread are considered enemies or free/fair game to our tag, and you will not recieve any punishable consequences for hitting or listing these tagged members.

ENEMY TAGS: Free to kill at will, with no punishable consequences. (especially during a time of war)

FREE/FAIR GAME TAGS: Free to hit or take off of the Hitlist, but should be done so moderately so as not to cause uneccessary complications.

Remember, the bosses have the final say. If told NOT to hit a TAGGED member within a group, even listed within this thread, DO NOT do it.
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