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 zombie slayer

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PostSubject: zombie slayer   Mon May 09, 2011 1:16 pm

Hey.. I have caught maybe 1 or 2 MoS in chat the past few weeks.

1. We need to all get together and fuck shit up 1 of these days Very Happy

aand, 2.

Do any of you still player ZS? If so, sweet, I play that shit alot now, if not and you have a ZS account you don't care for anymore, I will gladly take it off your hands and turn that shit into a fighta..

I play 2 accounts daily, both get daily GP. 1 is fighter, the other a boss killa, both in separate factions to avoid issues with Kano.
As for FB Mafia Wars? I rarely play.. I try and get on daily but half the time I do the game doesnt work for me..
I havent even touched my Phantom account since I got re-issued a pin, so its sitting there with 14817 unused GFP. The mogul account I have I beat vegas in but will probably turn that into a E-ho/defense ho
I'll figure out what I'm gonna do w/ em, I'll try and play as much as I can, hope to catch you in chat!

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zombie slayer
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