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 We Are Your Misfits of Society (a re-post of rules and requirements)

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We Are Your Misfits of Society (a re-post of rules and requirements) Empty
PostSubject: We Are Your Misfits of Society (a re-post of rules and requirements)   We Are Your Misfits of Society (a re-post of rules and requirements) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 07, 2010 2:02 am

If you are punched by BLI or BURN in your Mafia Wars game, then you are required to come to chat immediately!


It is a primary duty to assist each other in the game of Mafia Wars and to make all guests feel welcome in our chat. Although most of us are here to have fun we do expect you to keep our main chat drama free. You, like every other member, is in because you want to belong to a large family that will defend you when needed, help you with items in play, etc. It is your duty at M.O.S. to also protect and defend other members of our family. We are a united Mafia Wars family and we will fight and protect every member who proudly displays M.O.S. and we expect the same in return.

It is your responsibility to make sure other members are treated equally and with the same respect as you would deserve yourself. We are to honor our alliance to other tags we have treaties with.

As a tagged family member, it is YOUR responsibility to use the Fightlist and HitList properly. We WILL NOT attack another tagged MW player, even if we DO NOT have a pact with that family!! The only time you are permitted to attack another tag is during war time. If you fail to follow the rules, you WILL be placed on probation.

During probation, if you hit another tag, you probably will be asked to detag. We don't have many rules but we DO expect our rulesthat are set in place to be followed. Most all wars start because of attacks on their tag or lack of communication. If you have another tag attack you, you will need to copy the feed list news that states this and also supply the UID of the player immediately to BLI9118 or BURNDUTCHES or one of the moderators that are in the room.

YOU ARE NOT TO ATTACK BACK, LIST THAT PERSON, OR EMAIL THAT PERSON. You should not provoke a fight over one hit. You are to copy and send any attacks from a tag to BLI9118 OR BURN . You are not to attack back but all attacks from the opposer should be sent to BLI9118 OR BURN along with the player name,UID, level and actual time of attack. IF YOU SEE GREEN FROM A HIT OF A TAGGED PLAYER, LET IT GO.

From now only ONLY accounts that meet our requirements will be allowed to tag {M.o.S.} or {M.O.S.} NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are not approved by staff and family, you will not be allowed to tag up, and will be considered a poser.

From now on, ALL accounts that wish to tag up MUST be put up for vote. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If your accounts are already tagged up, that is fine, you may leave them as is, but MAKE SURE that Jester, Dutch, or Bli gets the UID so we may keep an accurate record of tagged accounts. This is to reduce the probability of posers.


You must have a combined Attack and Defense of at least 1500 to be tagged a members of MisFits of Society.

As a new recruit you must be active in chat and forums for a minimum of 2 weeks.

After your 2 week period you may ask either BLI or BURN to tag M.O.S.

From there you will be put to a vote by the admins and the members, once voted you will hear from us with the results.

If approved to tag with our family, we prefer to keep things uniform. Please place the tag as either {M.o.S.} or {M.O.S.}

No Special characters are to be used for the tag.

The tag must be in clear, legible (easily readable) font, and must be at the end of your MW name only.

GUESTS: Please observe the following rules.

You are a guest to this room any major conflict with any member moderator or owner may result in a permanent ban. Please respect our room as we try to make it as comfortable for everyone.

The solicitation of helping others by cheating, hacking, or glitches shall be an immediate permanent ban. No person shall force an add request of any other member or guest. It’s solely the discretion of each individual who they wish to add to their own Mafia family.

We strongly suggest no posting of UID’s or stats in main chat.

No mooching will be tolerated. It’s OK to ask if anyone has extra to give but a continual presence of asking shall get said person kicked from room.

No minors shall be allowed into the room due to adult chat.

Any conflict between two tagged guests from different rooms could lead to a temporary ban. Disputes may be argued and settled in this room but please respect other guest or members if anyone shows they feel uncomfortable.

Any person caught posting links with maliciousness such as freezing others computers, gathering personal information or subjecting someone to very explicit content without warning shall be banned permanently.
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We Are Your Misfits of Society (a re-post of rules and requirements)
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