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PostSubject: Looter Help Guide   Looter Help Guide Icon_minitimeTue Sep 07, 2010 3:50 pm

Once I go through all the jobs through NY, Cuba, Moscow, and Bangkok, I'll map out the best route to creating the ideal sort of looter or energy whore.

The three most basic things you must remember before you make any energy whore/looter are these:

1-a.) Make sure you have all of the collections completed before you start a single job.
Having all the collections vaulted before you start grants you an advantage in energy to help complete the tiers faster, so long as every point you earn goes directly, and only, into energy.

1-b.)If you're creating a looter, it also helps if you have the collections maxed out completely (after vaulting them) so that the loot items drop more often than the collection items.

1-c.)It is also a good idea to have as many of the achievements completed that are possible before you begin creating your energy whore/looter.
There are 11 achievements you can earn before you begin doing jobs in MW and they are as follows:

Earned by vaulting any collection set

Earned by vaulting at least nine New York collection sets

Earned by sending ten gifts to your mafia

Spreading it Around
Earned by sending 501 gifts to your mafia

No Razors Needed
Earned by vaulting the entire beard collection

My Little Friend
Earned by gifting an M16A1 to a friend

Knife Thrower
Earned by looting 10 Butterfly Knives

Uncle Sam
Earned by owning 50 Federal Agents

That's Amore
Earned by giving a Diamond Ring to any player below level 8

Master Collector
Earned by vaulting all of the New York and Cuba collections

Back In The U.S.S.R.
Earned by vaulting the Soviet Memorabilia collection

2.) Make sure you have at least 6 mafia to help fill the spots for the top mafia once you begin doing jobs, and ensure that they give the maximum amount attainable for each position.
Here are the maximum percentages allowed by each character type.

Mastermind -- Maniac, Fearless, Mogul
11% More Experience from Jobs

Wheelman -- Fearless Only
11% Less Energy on Jobs

Button Man -- Maniac Only
11 Bonus to Attack

Bodyguard -- Maniac, Fearless, Mogul
11 Bonus to Defense

Safecracker -- Maniac, Fearless, Mogul
15% More Cash from Fights

Bagman -- Mogul Only
15% More Cash from Jobs

3.) Make sure you've gifted all the required consumables and giftable loot items required on jobs to assist in the completion of all tiers with minimal amount of time.
(note:this section is incomplete due to the Bangkok release, and will be updated once the information is gathered.)

New York -- and all other Cities
Concealable Camera -- 412

Computer Set-Up -- 263

Untraceable Cell Phone -- 474

Set of Blackmail Photos -- 403

Set of Illegal Transaction Records -- 424

Politico Corrupto -- 1182

Set of Photos of Karpov --

Dossier on Dmitri --

Bank Guard Uniform --

Officer Corps Paycheck --

Bundle of Dynamite --

Set of Mansion Details --

Satellite Phone --

Pirate --

Drug Shipment --
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Looter Help Guide
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